This beautiful example of a Mercedes-Benz W108 series, a 280 SE automatic, was initially registered by the company Thalinger in Wels, Austria and driven for a few years. A gentleman and his daughter continued driving this beautiful, green Benz through Upper Austria for a few more years until a couple from Wels was then able to take this magnificent car with them to Lower Austria. Now it is looking for a new, loving owner, who will take the car for a spin as often as possible. A lot of work has been done on this Mercedes and it recently received a brand new inspection sticker under Sec. 57a KFG until 06/2020.

The vehicle must be paid for and picked up by the buyer within 3 working days of the auction. The car may be picked up personally or by a transport company. If the buyer fails to pick up the car in this reasonably set deadline, the buyer must pay the vehicle storage costs of €25 per day.
Note: In accordance with our general terms and conditions, the vehicles auctioned by Classic Car Auctions are deemed goods on consignment, which are made available to Classic Car Auctions by consignors. Classic Car Auctions assumes no liability for any hidden defects that could not be detected during the appraisal. This exclusion of liability does not apply to gross negligence and intent on the part of Classic Car Auctions.

Model: 280 SE
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Build: 1968
Initial registration: 11/06/1968 in Wels, Austria
Initially delivered to: Upper Austria
Registration: Austrian vehicle documents
VIN: 10801812002801
Engine: 6-cylinder gasoline, 2778 cc, 160 hp
Engine code: 130980-12-002158
Type of gearbox: automatic transmission
Mileage: 89,000 km
Lacquer colour: green
Interior: beige leather
Special features: electric sunroof, extra front fog lamp, car from Wels, inspection sticker until 06/2020
Special conditions: 10% buyer's premium plus VAT
Pickup and storage terms: see detailed description

Estimate: €18,000 – €22,000