SEPTEMBER 21st, 2019,

For the first time, Classic Austria hosted a very special auction in Wels from September 20 to 22 for all fans of young- and old-timers. On Saturday, 21 September, rare automobiles and motorbikes from several eras and price categories were put up for auction for the first time. These included well-preserved and inexpensive young-timers from Audi, BMW and Opel, or valuable rarities from legendary automobile manufacturers like Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and many others. There was something for everyone in this impressive range of offers, as they’re all unique regardless of the price category.

CLASSIC CAR AUCTIONS by Julius Hügler 1875 - the fair in Wels has a strong partner at its side with Franziskus A. Kriegs-Au, enabling the supporting program to be complemented by an additional perfectly fitting main event. As a professional auctioneer, Mr. Kriegs-Au is not only a recognized automobile enthusiast, but also a former expert assessor of the Vienna Dorotheum and a large German auction house, as well as the famous fifth-generation representative of the legendary international jeweler “Julius Hügler”. In addition to his involvement at Classic Car Auctions, he opened a new shop at the renowned Vienna - Innenstadt address of Habsburgergasse 9 in May 2019 and is thus continuing the tradition of fine jewelry-making already established in 1875.